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To Russia with love: part 6

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To Russia with love: part 5

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To Russia with love: part 4

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Introducing Dr. Binary…

Dr. Binary is an evangelical preacher. Not allied to any particular religious sect, Dr. Binary has invented his own mission, the Church of the Righteous Zealot. The name of Dr. Binary’s church is an attempt to turn the negative comments made by his detractors… Continue Reading “Introducing Dr. Binary…”

Introducing Ali Gillies…

Ali Gillies is Transman’s right hand woman. The daughter of famous scientist Professor Gillies, she has inherited her father’s enquiring mind and his inventiveness. A tech-wizard, Ali has refined and developed a number of high-end, high-spec computing and communication devices (including Transman’s visor, which relays… Continue Reading “Introducing Ali Gillies…”

Introducing Transman (a.k.a. Michael Dillon)…

Transman was born Laura Dillon. From an early age, she always knew that she wasn’t like other girls. She wasn’t interested in the same games, or the same conversation, or the same clothes as them. As a student, studying archaeology, Laura began to wonder… Continue Reading “Introducing Transman (a.k.a. Michael Dillon)…”