Introducing Ali Gillies…

AliAli Gillies is Transman’s right hand woman. The daughter of famous scientist Professor Gillies, she has inherited her father’s enquiring mind and his inventiveness. A tech-wizard, Ali has refined and developed a number of high-end, high-spec computing and communication devices (including Transman’s visor, which relays a stream of data direct to him) that she uses to monitor the global media. In her role as an LGBT campaigner, Ali keeps herself informed of the latest issues developing across the world.

Ali first met Michael Dillon (a.k.a. Transman) when he was badly beaten up in the street by a gang of transphobic students. Ali helped Michael by taking him back to the home she shares with her father. There, they treated Michael’s injuries and Professor Gillies assisted Michael to fully transition to live as a man.

Grateful to Ali for helping him, there was a brief period where Michael hoped that their relationship might become more than a friendship. After Michael transitioned, the T-crystal implanted in his chest by Professor Gillies enabled him to look at a person and know their sexuality and gender immediately by an aura that surrounded them. Realising that Ali was a lesbian and that their relationship would never be anything more, Michael was happy to accept Ali as a good friend and ally.

It was whilst protesting against an anti-gay marriage rally by the evangelical preacher Dr. Binary that Ali and Michael discovered the power of the Rouen torch, used by executioner, Geoffroy Therage, to set light to the pyre that killed that Joan of Arc. Seeing the potential for good of the torch, it was Ali that persuaded Michael to use it and his unique powers to protect LGBT citizens from persecution.

Ali now monitors the worldwide stream of media traffic for Transman, alerting him to breaking situations in which his help is required.

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