To Russia with love: part 3

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To Russia with love: part 2

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To Russia with love: part 1

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Introducing Dr. Binary…

Dr-BinaryDr. Binary is an evangelical preacher. Not allied to any particular religious sect, Dr. Binary has invented his own mission, the Church of the Righteous Zealot. The name of Dr. Binary’s church is an attempt to turn the negative comments made by his detractors into a positive message to his followers – ‘be zealous in your righteousness and only good can come from it’.

And Dr. Binary’s followers heed his words: they are extremely zealous in their attempts, through legislation and/or bullying, to oppress gay, lesbian, transgender, and bisexual people; anyone who digresses sexual or gender norms. With adherents in countries across all continents, Dr. Binary feeds off his followers’ fear of difference and diversity within human sexuality and gender. His scare tactics have the power to persuade governments to enact legislation to ward off the threat from the ‘gay agenda’ and his followers to open their purses to fund his work. Dr. Binary is an extremely wealthy man.

Nobody knows where Dr. Binary’s hatred of those who are not 100 percent heterosexual came from. Many reporters have attempted to get at what it is that drives him; something in his childhood, an encounter in his teens that confused him, a relationship that broke up because his lover was gay, a closeted feeling of his own, but nobody has uncovered a single point of motivation for his desire to purge society. It seems he simply gets a kick from knowing he has the power to stir his followers to exhibit the basest of human instincts, to marginalise and hate a minority. The minority Dr. Binary selected could have been any group, but he chose the LGBT community.

Dr. Binary’s first run-in with Transman, a.k.a. Michael Dillon, came during an anti same-sex marriage rally where Dr. Binary was invited to be the keynote speaker. The LGBT activist, Ali Gillies, well-known to Dr. Binary, and some of her cronies attempted to disrupt the rally. One of her friends, Michael Dillon, an archaeologist, was caught up in the rally on his way to lecture to a group of students. Dillon had in his bag what he believed to be a worthless old artefact, a torch that he had found the previous year during a dig in Rouen, but as Dr. Binary started to speak the torch began to emit a white light. As Dr. Binary’s speech became more and more impassioned, the torch’s light became more intense until it exploded in a blinding beam of pure white.

Dr. Binary was among those blinded by the Rouen torch that day. Others who also lost their sight later regained it as they learned to embrace diversity and to lead more tolerant lives. Dr. Binary has never recanted and he now wears his blindness as a badge of honour, demonstrating to the world the evil that deviants carry out. He is sworn to destroy Transman and the Rouen torch.

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Introducing Ali Gillies…

AliAli Gillies is Transman’s right hand woman. The daughter of famous scientist Professor Gillies, she has inherited her father’s enquiring mind and his inventiveness. A tech-wizard, Ali has refined and developed a number of high-end, high-spec computing and communication devices (including Transman’s visor, which relays a stream of data direct to him) that she uses to monitor the global media. In her role as an LGBT campaigner, Ali keeps herself informed of the latest issues developing across the world.

Ali first met Michael Dillon (a.k.a. Transman) when he was badly beaten up in the street by a gang of transphobic students. Ali helped Michael by taking him back to the home she shares with her father. There, they treated Michael’s injuries and Professor Gillies assisted Michael to fully transition to live as a man.

Grateful to Ali for helping him, there was a brief period where Michael hoped that their relationship might become more than a friendship. After Michael transitioned, the T-crystal implanted in his chest by Professor Gillies enabled him to look at a person and know their sexuality and gender immediately by an aura that surrounded them. Realising that Ali was a lesbian and that their relationship would never be anything more, Michael was happy to accept Ali as a good friend and ally.

It was whilst protesting against an anti-gay marriage rally by the evangelical preacher Dr. Binary that Ali and Michael discovered the power of the Rouen torch, used by executioner, Geoffroy Therage, to set light to the pyre that killed that Joan of Arc. Seeing the potential for good of the torch, it was Ali that persuaded Michael to use it and his unique powers to protect LGBT citizens from persecution.

Ali now monitors the worldwide stream of media traffic for Transman, alerting him to breaking situations in which his help is required.

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Introducing Transman (a.k.a. Michael Dillon)…

Michael-&-TransmanTransman was born Laura Dillon. From an early age, she always knew that she wasn’t like other girls. She wasn’t interested in the same games, or the same conversation, or the same clothes as them. As a student, studying archaeology, Laura began to wonder what life would have been like had she been born a boy. Going out at night disguised as a boy, Michael, Laura experimented with how different things might have been.

One night, whilst walking back to his lodgings, Michael was recognised by a gang of students from another college, publicly humiliated and badly beaten. Michael’s battered body was found lying in the street by Ali Gillies. Fearing what might happen if he were admitted to hospital, Michael asked Ali not to call an ambulance. Ali did as he asked and, instead, took the unconscious Michael back to her home where she could get help for him.

Undressing Michael to treat his injuries, Ali and her father, Professor Gillies, a brilliant scientist marginalised by the establishment, discovered his secret and decided to offer to help him. Professor Gillies had been working on plans for a method of delivering testosterone to female patients wishing to transition to male by means of a solar-powered, self-renewing testosterone crystal permanently embedded in the subject’s chest. The research was considered too costly, and the population helped by the treatment too small, to justify funding and the Professor was forced to abandon his research. Seeing a means to test his prototype, the Professor asked Michael whether he would be willing to try the new delivery system. Michael agreed and Professor Gillies implanted his prototype T-crystal in Michael’s chest.

The prototype crystal worked better than expected. The first day that Michael was allowed outside to recuperate, the T-crystal gathered a much larger charge from the sun than Professor Gillies’ research had predicted. The crystal increased Michael’s physical and mental powers, building Michael’s body up to a peak of male physical perfection and giving him a rare ability to see the spectrum of human sexuality and gender. Michael found that he could look at a person and know their sexuality and gender immediately by an aura that surrounded them and was visible only to him. It was at that point that he discovered that Ali, whom he rather hoped might be more than just a friend, was a lesbian.

Michael continued to work as an archaeologist; the fact that he had been born female, unknown to everyone except Ali and her father. It was whilst working on a dig in the French town of Rouen that Michael Dillon uncovered the torch used by executioner, Geoffroy Therage, to set light to the pyre that killed that Joan of Arc. Encouraged by Ali to get involved in LGBT rights, it was whilst they were protesting against an anti-gay marriage rally that Michael discovered that the Rouen torch shines brightest in the presence of ignorance, hatred, and bigotry, especially homophobia and transphobia.

The anti-gay marriage rally against which Ali and Michael were protesting was being held by Dr. Binary, the famously vitriolic evangelical preacher. As Dr. Binary’s rhetoric against same-sex marriage became more and more hateful, the Rouen torch began to glow with a white light. The intensity of the light increased with Dr. Binary’s fervour, filling the room, eventually blinding those listening and Dr. Binary himself. Over time, the audience members regained their sight as they let go of their homophobia and transphobia, but Dr. Binary has never recanted and remains blind. He has never forgiven Michael Dillon.

Remembering his own beating at the hands of the student gang, Michael Dillon fights injustice and bigotry as Transman using the Rouen torch to temporarily blind those most twisted by their hate and inhumanity until they come to see the light of tolerance.

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