How do we “play up! play up! and play the game”? Part 2

Cricket match

Taking the idea of sporting achievement being less about physical ability and more about mental ability (see How do we “play up! play up! and play the game”? Part 1), it seems logical to ask whether sport should be as segregated as it is? If sports were to mix more, … Continue reading

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How do we “play up! play up! and play the game”? Part 1

Men v Women

This question seems to be getting a lot of air time at the moment, and it is one that is ruffling a few feathers. Fallon Fox, a MtF martial arts fighter in the United States, is campaigning not to have to reveal her medical history to her opponents before a … Continue reading

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The power of positive reporting

Smiley face

In the news this week was a study that showed “fifty-five percent of trans people were found to live with social anxiety. Within the general American population, similar types of anxiety are experienced by only 6.8% of the population while these levels of anxiety were found to exist at a … Continue reading

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Should there be a T in LGBT?

Transgender Pride

This question was prompted by my sister asking me this week to write a piece for my blog about the difference between your sex and your sexuality. In essence, she wanted me to make it clear, for those interested in knowing more about the subject, that the gender you consider … Continue reading

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When the careless actions of one affect all

Girls' shower room

There has been much talk this week about a 45 year-old college student who identifies as a woman, but retains his male genitalia, using the women’s locker room at Evergreen College, Olympia, Washington. The college has permitted this student to use the women’s locker room on the basis of gender … Continue reading

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To tick the box or not to tick the box

Filling Out Forms

Brighton Council’s latest initiative to be more inclusive has provoked some really unimpressive knees to jerk all over the place. The comments at the end of these two tabloid articles are perfect examples – Elsewhere on the web, it has been posted that Brighton will not be losing … Continue reading

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Gender Dysphoria: what does it mean to feel more like the opposite sex?

Dustin Hoffman in Tootsie

In teasing out what it feels like to be a man or woman, it might be helpful to define what it means to be a man or a woman. Maybe there are some universally agreed upon traits that define one or the other? Let’s start with the obvious: An anthropologist … Continue reading

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The importance of transsexual/ transgender fiction

Hillary Swank in Boys Don't Cry

In short, the importance of trans-lit is to reflect the experience of transgender/transsexual people in a way that is accessible to those who are not. In so doing, the experience is normalised so that, when a transsexual/transgender person is encountered in the course of daily life, there already exists a … Continue reading

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Trying to explain the term “transgender” to my mother

transgender flag

My mother will be 70 years young next year and, in all those years on the planet, the number of trans people she has met/knows of, you can count on the fingers of one hand. So, this is not a subject that is familiar to her. It is not a … Continue reading

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