Happy Mother’s Day from your trans son


It is Mothering Sunday in the UK this weekend so I want to take the opportunity to say how grateful I am that I still have a relationship with my mother. Many trans* people are not so fortunate to transition and to keep their family relationships intact. The fear of … Continue reading

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Coming out – what’s it all about?


In the week that another Ellen comes out as gay, I have been thinking about the process of coming out. I have “come out” twice in my life – once as gay and once as trans. The first time I came out, I told a really good friend on the … Continue reading

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Looking forward to 2014


At the moment, there are a lot of blogs being posted looking back at the tsunami of changes that have taken place for the LGBT community this year. While some massive steps have been taken towards real equality, there are still plenty more to take. So, I thought I’d look … Continue reading

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Nikki Sinclaire, MEP, comes out as transgender


The news today that MEP Nikki Sinclaire has come out as transgender (MtF) is likely to re-ignite the whole stealth debate among the trans community. Nikki, who transitioned aged 23, has been out as a lesbian for years. As an MEP working for UKIP (a very right wing UK political … Continue reading

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The four genres of lesbian fiction – No.4: The out-obiography

Lesbia biography

This category of fiction starts something like this: ———————— I don’t remember when it started. Maybe it was the day that I realised I didn’t like my Tiny Tears doll. Or, maybe it was the day that I refused to wear a dress to Sunday lunch. Or, maybe it was … Continue reading

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