Why that kiss was important


As you watch the friendly games this week, spare a thought for those people of the British Commonwealth who are LGB or T. Of the 53 countries that make up the group: In 37, it is illegal to be gay and, in 21, it is illegal to be a lesbian; … Continue reading

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Gayest games ever?


You thought the Sydney games were gay? The #Sochi games have got to be way gayer. Two weeks of the biggest and best publicity ever for #LGBT rights. From the hosts’ choice of rainbow coloured outfits for their volunteers: To the weird inclusion of faux-lesbian duo t.A.T.u. in the opening … Continue reading

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Why I fear the 2014 Winter Olympics will go ahead as planned


Whilst I applaud the calls for the global community to take a stand over Russia’s vicious new law against LGBT men and women, I am struggling to see how the possible moves that have been suggested might work in practice. Option one is for the IOC to move the Games … Continue reading

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