The divorcing of church from state to make an equal marriage

equal marriage

This week Guernsey moved a step closer to equal marriage with a clever proposal for a Union Civile law that would remove religion from laws related to marriage. You can read more about the story here or visit Liberate’s website for more information about the work they have been doing. … Continue reading

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Time to talk about disestablishment?

0052 Abp Sentamu with 2 new bishops s

This week, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, suggested that there needed to be a balance between catering for the LGBT community in England and ensuring that the church does not alienate followers in other parts of the world such as Africa. The gist of his argument was that, if the … Continue reading

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Out and about the LGBT web


This little clip from Jodie Savitz’s documentary Girl on Girl caught my eye this week. The part that grabbed my attention was the question: can you name three lesbians in the public eye? I know I’m all over this topic but I really thought we were further down the line … Continue reading

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Education is key to changing minds


A big thank you to the girls at UKLesFic for hosting a post by me on their blog.

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Separating church and state


Thank you to the lovely writers at Women and Words who asked me to write a guest blog for them about my latest novel, A Very Civil Wedding.

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Introducing Dr. Binary…


Dr. Binary is an evangelical preacher. Not allied to any particular religious sect, Dr. Binary has invented his own mission, the Church of the Righteous Zealot. The name of Dr. Binary’s church is an attempt to turn the negative comments made by his detractors into a positive message to his … Continue reading

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Equality – not quite


The Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act passed into law on 17 July this year. Although it’s a step closer to equality, it isn’t an amendment to the Marriage Act 1949, which governs different-sex marriages, and consequently it is different. Peter Tatchell has been campaigning for equal marriage rights for many … Continue reading

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