Louis’ transgender kids


Last night, I watched Louis Theroux’s Transgender Kids with a sense of “here we go again, another exploitative documentary about trans people”. My trepidation was not assuaged by the announcer warning that there would be scenes some viewers might find disturbing. I’m not sure which scenes he was referring to … Continue reading

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The Boy in the Dress


I confess that I have not read David Walliams’ book, The Boy in the Dress, but I did watch the BBC’s adaptation of it this Christmas. I realise that Christmas telly should never be taken too seriously but, during the hour long teleplay, I found myself at times wondering what … Continue reading

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Blurred Lines: the New Battle of the Sexes

Blurred Lines: The New Battle of the Sexes

Kirsty Wark’s BBC documentary, Blurred Lines: the New Battle of the Sexes, was shocking and provocative but too short. It needed another hour or two to properly do justice to its subject. It needed another hour on whether misogyny really is on the rise or whether it is just more … Continue reading

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The B.B.C.’s coverage of the Diamond Jubilee Pageant

The Gloriana leads the manpowered craft towards Westminster Bridge

It should have been very simple. Huw Edwards in the studio, a camera crew at Battersea Bridge, a camera crew on the Spirit of Chartwell, a camera crew at Tower Bridge, Clare Balding on the Gloriana, Chris Hollins on a roving craft, and that should have been it basically. But, … Continue reading

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